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AMARIS brings you our top 4 picks of crisp and fresh scents. Update your niche beauty collection with these refreshing scents that are suitable all year round.

1) Osmanthus

This fresh floral creation from ORMONDE JAYNE is like a deliciously crisp spring day.



2) Not A Perfume Superdose

The scent of clean, fresh linen.. Just one ingredient, no allergens. A bestseller from JULIETTE HAS A GUN.


3) Liquid Marseille Soap Aromatic Journey

A snapshot of sensations from COMPAGNIE DE PROVENCE.
Imagine the scents wafting from a basket filled with aromatic herbs and lemons, the sun reflected in the sea, its rays warming the skin..

P.S. The matching Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion is also available.



Clean, fresh and cooling, this fragrance is a creation by ÆTHER and NVRMIND paper, an independent art fanzine.

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