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"Oh, well, whatever, nevermind." © KURT COBAIN “ NVRMIND paper is an independent fanzine about art in all its embodiments. NVRMIND paper is not guided by the rules imposed by the outside world, it’s solely governed by its inner impulses. NVRMIND paper peeps through a keyhole and doesn’t protect the seal of confession. It’s not ashamed of it, though. NVRMIND is a physical paper, something that can be touched and even smelled, all about being a niche – not mass, making art . © DMITRO KOMISSARENKO_ Artist and Founder of NVRMIND “

ÆTHER and NVRMIND paper share the same values of aesthetics, art, disruption, anti-conformity, sensuality and beauty quest. 



Top notes:

GRISALVA: Diffusive, rich, soft ambery and animalic tones. Provides a soft creamy, clean, and persistent Ambergris quality with a velvety smooth aura.

AMBRINOL: Possesses the elegant tonalities of aged natural ambergris tincture. Tobacco, leathery nuances and the power of oceanic seaweed notes supported with a warm animalic musky dry down.

Heart notes: 

AMBROXAN ™: Created in the 50’s as a replacement for natural ambergris, synthesized from sclareol, a component of the essential oil of clary sage, Ambroxan is a very facetted, deep and complex molecule with a musky clean amber woody note. Ambroxan is said to be the most sensual molecule.

CONIFERAN: Fresh, clean, cooling balsamic note with hints of cedarwood and sweet camphor.

Base notes:

METHYL ANTHRANILATE: Clear colorless to tan liquid with an odor of grapes and ink. Has light blue fluorescence.

EUCALYPTOL: Colorless oily liquid with a camphor-like odor and a spicy taste, obtained from eucalyptus oil.


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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