Know The Brand: EX NIHILO

EX NIHILO is a Parisian fragrance house founded by a young talented trio, based 352, Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

The House revisits the best perfumery know-how through the French Avant-Garde prism and collaborates with the emerging creative community.

By offering the perfumers a Carte Blanche, EX NIHILO promotes a new innovative and uncompromising vision of perfumery, without any creative nor cost constraints. It worships a radical ethos: select the most exclusive perfumery materials, push them to their limits, and do not forget that rules are made to be broken.


Constantly pushing the boundaries to create distinctive products that will give people the most relevant and uncommon experience.

Pointing out a radical desire to break with all the links to the past in order to build a new idea, the Avant-Garde is the starting point of an ideology based on experimentation and modernity. Heritage from the French Revolution, the Avant-Garde is provocative and disruptive by essence.

Following the principle of breaking the rules, EX NIHILO’s clear ambition is to give birth to new creations reaching the innovation forefront, getting rid of the codes and academic rules inherited from traditional high perfumery.

Inspired by French artists, designers and photographers ahead of their time, EX NIHILO takes heritage from the people who once broke the rules and conventions to create their own concept in an innovative and bold way.


EX NIHILO proposes 5 collections of luxury fragrances created by a team of master perfumers based in Paris among the world’s best.


It gives perfumer a Carte Blanche to twist the finest materials of Haute Parfumerie.The Initiale Collection features the House’s most iconic olfactory creations like FLEUR NARCOTIQUE.

Les Interdites

A deliciously subversive collection, celebrating the sweetest forbidden pleasures. It combines ultra addictive scents with a very Couture urban chic.


A freshly sophisticated, seductive and typically Parisian collection. It celebrates the mavericks and embodies a revisited contemporary allure.


A collection of quintescential oriental fragrances seen through an edgy Parisian point of view. East and West collide between opulence and creativity.


EX NIHILO supports the outsiders and next rising stars in their Art or Craftsmanship. VISIONNAIRE is a collection of ultra limited, signed and numbered pieces of Art for the most discerning collectors and perfume lovers.

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