Pear Inc. Promises A Cheeky Summer

An improvised lunch underneath the pergola, the sound of laughter, a water bomb playfully exploding, a finger dipping into a jar of jam — Pear Inc. is that mischievous perfume that instantly makes you smile.

I designed this new fragrance thinking about the return of warm sunny days and of my favourite fruit, the Pear.
I remember, as a child, noticing its intriguing shape standing out from the others in the fruit bowl, before feasting upon one juicy quarter after another.

If the pear is a thirst-quenching fruit, composed of 85% water, rich in Vitamin C and with moisturising properties, it remains yet a rare ingredient in perfumery.
With Pear Inc., I have imagined a refreshing fragrance, with a hint of « gourmandise ». A fruity musk, enhanced with Ambroxan and Pear, like the promise of a beautiful summer.

- Romano Ricci


In the beginning there was a fruit with mysterious curves and invigorating properties. A bite into its succulent flesh and the skin is suddenly resplendent. The soul, for its part, is promised to an eternal youth that delights in braving the forbidden. Composed around Pear, Musk and Ambroxan, Pear Inc. pays tribute to this irresistible fruit that has a taste of sunshine...

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