Miller Harris Dazzles With Rêverie De Bergamote

Bright tranquil mornings, life breathing from music in the air. Dazzling bergamot with aromatic rosemary and vetiver drift into reverie. 

Rêverie De Bergamote is a unisex citrus aromatic woody fragrance has been created by perfumer Emilie Bouge using a high natural concentration of bergamot from the Calabria region, as well as natural tangerine to bring a bright energetic opening that fuses effortlessly with a medley of natural aromatic herbs and woods in a unique and noted journey of an unforgettable scent. The perfumer adds intrigue with the use of an earthy and elegant vetiver which balances everything in a memory of blissful mornings of reverie, surrounded by light and shadows, music and words.

Pro Tip: Layer with Lumière Doree or L’Eau Magnetic

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