French Elegance, Nobility and Royalty

Parfums de Marly shows us how the French does luxury fragrances in a way no else can. Without smelling outdated or unapproachable, Parfums de Marly is a French fragrance house inspired by King Louis XV in the 18th century with a heritage that unequivocally manages to stay current and modern.
From their branding and packaging to their impeccably striking fragrance profiles, it’s hard not to feel a little je ne sais quoi when you’re wearing one of their creations. There are a few cult favorites in the fragrance community that continue to grow popularity but I’d like to shed some light on some of the others that are equally as impressive as their top sellers, if not more. 
Here are some of my top picks from Parfums de Marly —
First and foremost, it wouldn’t be a Parfums de Marly list without mentioning the all and mighty Layton, and with good reason. Layton is a melange of cool spices, warm vanilla, and everything nice. The blast of cool cardamom and the touch of amber and vanilla settles into a nice creamy woody base. If there is one perfume that is versatile enough yet distinct, it would have to be Layton. 
Want to smell like a snack? Well, Oajan has you covered in its sweet embrace. This is all about apple cinnamon pie. Yes, that’s right. Nothing less of a delectable fragrance that will have you and everyone else around you salivating. 
The last one I’d like to recommend from this house would have to be Shagya. It isn’t as popular as Layton or Delina, but if you want a unique oud and lime combo, this is your best bet. The juxtaposition of the resinous oud and woods combined with the freshness of lime and bergamot is just so intoxicating. It is light enough to wear during the day, yet it has depth and character.
Whether you’re into florals, gourmands, or dark woody scents, Parfums de Marly will definitely have you spoiled for choices. 

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