Getting to Know: ROJA PARFUMS


Roja Dove, a Legend in the Industry

World-renowned for his impressive “nose”, a string of high-profile roles and achievements within the fragrance industry led Roja Dove to launch something to call his own.  More than an outlet for his creativity, for Roja, this is his way of establishing his family’s legacy. 

His relentless drive for originality and perfection in perfumery led to him being dubbed as “a master tailor of scents,” “a legendary figure in the world of scents,” “the Rockstar of the perfume world,” and “the greatest nose in the world” by various international publications. 


Bespoke Origins

Roja Dove’s name is synonymous with luxury.  Prior to the international success of his brand in 2011, Roja started with a bespoke fragrance design service in the UK.  Roja himself would take months getting to know his clients, creating and perfecting scents that are truly personal.  The bespoke service continues to be revered in the industry, with a steady stream of clients.


Care and Craftsmanship

Be it one of his bespoke works, or the award-winning Roja Parfums, each fragrance is meticulously crafted by Roja himself.  The master perfumer spares no expense – because he is not beholden to anybody to tell him what to create or how much to spend, he simply puts out into the world whatever inspires him the most.  Each scent reflects Roja’s fundamental belief that “only the best will do.”


Scents that Tell Stories

For Roja, inspiration can come from anywhere – his own life experiences, travel, cultures, art, and even an evocative word. “Being a Perfumer is like being a poet or a storyteller, except instead of words, I am telling stories through olfactory materials.” 

This belief is what inspires his collection of sumptuous golden elixirs, perfumes that are stylish, contemporary, and made to last, recalling the luxury of the past while anticipating the expectations of the future.


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