9 Things To Know About Bond No. 9

As AMARIS welcomes niche label Bond No. 9 into our roster of world-reknowned, curated brands, get to know 9 things about this audacious, whimsical fragrance house hell-bent on capturing the spirit of a kaleidoscopic city.


1) Bond No. 9 began with founder Laurice Rahmé’s desire to honour and breathe new life back into her beloved NYC after events of 9/11. They launched with a collection of women’s, men’s and unisex eaux de parfum in 2003.

2) Since then, the fragrance house has been creating fragrances that celebrate New York City’s neighbourhoods and showcase the city’s unbreakable spirit.

3) Bond No. 9 is staunchly independent – allowing them the most freedom to work with new notes, non-conformist formulas, unique packaging concepts.

 4) The brand aims to restore the grand art of perfume blending. Each fragrance has been blended in New York, by a team of hand-picked perfumers.

5) Bond No. 9 uses only high, 18-22 percent concentrations of pure eaux de parfums—the long-lasting concentrations of the legendary vintage scents of the 1920s and 1930s.

6) Bond No. 9’s iconic silhouette bottle is inspired by the feminine form. Each bottle is a work of art, decorated with the uniqueness found in the neighbourhoods they were named after, and making them lasting collectibles. As Laurice likes to say, “we have collectors, not consumers!”

7) Bond No. 9 is the first New York parfumerie to introduce civic scents inspired by NY-centric destinations and sensibilities. Bond’s best-selling Scent of Peace – For Him and For Her --celebrates world peace.

8) In 2015, Laurice became the world’s first perfumer to win the coveted United Nations’ Women for Peace Award, presented to her for campaigning for and spreading peace internationally and raising funds for the cause via the sales of universally loved Scent of Peace.

9) Bond No. 9’s creative inspiration has not remained contained in NYC. In 2015, it debuted a collection inspired by Dubai, considered the perfume capital of the Middle East.  Bond No. 9’s Dubai is an alluring collection of Arabian perfumes, with a modernistic New York edge.

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