The ROSE Roundup: Our top rose fragrance picks

The Rose is without a doubt a cornerstone of perfumery.  Because of this long history and its ubiquity, you might get the notion that rose fragrances are old-fashioned, unimaginative, or stale.  On the contrary -- today, the best perfume houses are creating blends that add on and tease out the most interesting facets onto the classic rose.  The result?  These modern rose picks are impossible not to fall in love with, coveted by women and by men.


Leather Rouge, Miller Harris

A sumptuous leather perfume, infused with rose and raspberry.  The blend is made smoky and supple with orris, patchouli and a sensual saffron note.  Unexpectedly delicious and voluptuous, this rose scent definitely has a darker edge.


Vain & Naïve, Nishane

A rose fragrance straight out of a fairytale.  NISHANE’s brings the smell of the flower that The Little Prince is in love with into reality. Harmonious and unique, it is a beautiful perfume based on rose, tonka, musk and amber.


Rose Silence, Miller Harris

If you are looking for something subtle but delicious, Rose Silence is a classy choice.  Crisp rose is paired with fruity mandarin and a touch of blackcurrant tang, as well as a hint of musk.  A great everyday fragrance.


Delina, Parfums de Marly

This gorgeous floral scent has gained cult status for a reason – the luxurious rose is energized by lychee, rhubarb and bergamot spiced with nutmeg, before settling into notes of cashmere wood and musk. Elegantly nuanced, Delina is light, playful and sexy. 

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