Roja's Essence De Parfum Collection

Essence De Parfum is a new concentration of fragrance created by Roja Dove. This highly original concentration is structured to be as refreshing as an Eau De Toilette with the lasting quality of an Eau De Parfum. The top and heart notes have been enhanced - allowing them to display their characteristics on the skin for hours longer than usual.

Scandal is a bright and sensual floral creation based around the creamy softness of white flowers.

Reckless is a sweet and sunny floral accord based around the elegance of flowers upon a sensual bed of Sandalwood.

Risqué is a seductive Chypré accord which roots flowers and fruits into the earth and lays them on a sensual bed of Labdanum.

Elixir is an ethereal Oriental masterpiece which places the sweetness of a floral, fruity heart atop a soft and sensual bed of Vanilla.

51 is a rich and elegant Oriental creation which situates a creamy floral bouquet around the sweet tones of Raspberry and Vanilla.

Enigma is a sumptuous Oriental accord which blends Rose, Ylang Ylang and Peach onto a rich bed of skin-evoking Sandalwood.

Danger is a rich and creamy Oriental scent which blends the soft sensuality of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood and Vanilla together.

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