Niche Brands Beyond France

France has been the centre of perfumery and the perfume trade since the 14th Century.  While that remains true today, fragrance creations from other parts of the globe have recently set the perfume community abuzz.  We at Amaris are happy to introduce our current favourite discoveries: 


Founded in 2012 by Mert Güzel and Murat Katran, who are both lovers of mysterious scents and the rich heritage of the city they were born in and raised: Istanbul.  

Nishane’s sophisticated and artistic collections are meticulously created to tell unique stories: Hacivat, named after a character in traditional Turkish shadow play, is a refined gentleman, a smooth chypre-woody creation that is a tribute to elegance, kindness and love of art;

A Hundred Silent Ways, a floral gourmand, takes inspiration from a verse from the Persian poet Rumi. Composed as a poetic tribute to the world's best perfumes and their ability to speak to us, silently, in hundreds of different ways. As popular with women as with men, the muted sweet sensual notes combine with floral chords of gardenia and jasmine, before giving way to a base of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver;

Vain and Naïve is from a collection inspired by the beloved novel The Little Prince.  It is the enchanting smell of the flower that Little Prince fell in love with, and created as a tribute to each “unique love” ever experienced on earth.


British fragrance house Miller Harris is a vibrant force in the niche realm.  Reflecting the dynamic city of London, guided by a love for nature, and intent on pushing creative boundaries, these fragrances are vivid and unforgettable. 

To create Forage, Miller Harris perfumers set out on a walk around London, gathering up plants, fruits, and other ingredients.  The result is a collection of 4 fragrances that are truly of the city.

All Miller Harris products are vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes, SLS and SLES free. The new Bath & Body Range comes in some of the brand’s best-loved scents – such as the crisp and fresh Tea Tonique – and incorporate responsibly sourced palm oil and environmentally friendly coconut extracts. All of the plastic bottles in the range are made with recycled post-consumer product, which is fully recyclable.


Born in the city-state of Monaco, Perris Monte Carlo fragrances were created by Gian Luca to dive back into the heart of the industry and focus on the perfume scents themselves rather than the marketing of the brand name. This passion for the art of perfumery and the dedication to sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world are at the heart of each creation.

Oud Imperial mixes precious natural Oud Essential Oil from India with cistus, incense, papyrus, patchouli, labdanum, cedar atlas, Java Vetiver, Birch and sandalwood. This woody, seductive scent is perfect for those ready to make a statement.

Absolue d’Osmanthe is a sultry and audacious fragrance built around the osmanthus flower, with sweet fruity accents. The jasmin sambac and sandalwood give strength to the enigma of the perfume. 

Cedro di Diamante uses citrus essence from Calabria, on the southwestern coast of Italy. The prized essence is infused with a mix of florals and spices, rounding off with iris and musk. The result is a brightness and freshness which lights up your day.

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