Take On New Vibes With Juliette Has A Gun

If you’re looking to sample a gourmand fragrance, Vanilla Vibes by French niche house Juliette Has a Gun is not to be missed.  This is the brand’s first foray in the gourmand family and is an off-beat exploration of vanilla, aiming to see it in a different light, to reveal its nuances. The result is the fusion of two opposites: an aphrodisiac natural Vanilla twisted with Sea Salt atmospheric vibes.

 An aerial vanilla, it is inspired by the Burning Man Festival; a trip to the Californian desert; a breath of escape. The notes include fleur de sel, vanilla, orchid, sandalwood, tonka bean, brown musk and benzoin. The result is fresh and warm at the same time. Original, sensual, powerful, and free.

"Like the woman embodying the campaign. A futuristic amazon, dancing with the devil, under a vanilla sky in the Californian desert. Possessed by the electro beats, she offers up her silver covered body by the gods of blissfulness. Vanilla Vibes, a hymn to adventure and freedom. Enjoy your trip!" --Romano Ricci

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