Get to know Miller Harris Editions Collection

British fragrance house Miller Harris is a vibrant force in the niche realm with their iconic perfumes and intriguing new launches.  Firmly based in London, Miller Harris luxury fragrances are a labour of love, designed to tell vivid stories. The brand remains rooted in French perfumery provenances, committed to precise use of beautiful natural materials, whilst pushing creative boundaries.

The Editions Range features fragrances which celebrate the finest ingredients in all their diversity. From Citrus to Cedar, Tuberose to Tea, Bergamot to blooms, these are fragrances are perfectly crafted compositions.  Easy to wear, think of these fragrances as the ‘basics’ in your wardrobe: the white t-shirt, indigo jeans, and little black dresses which you can dress up or down.  A spritz of Rose Silence gives you a moment of pure serenity, Tea Tonique is captivating and worldly, and a dash of L'Air de Rien evokes the life and style of Jane Birkin – a scent that was created for and by the icon herself in collaboration with Miller Harris.


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