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Santal du Pacifique



Found within the Pacific Islands, Santal du Pacifique takes you on an adventure to uncharted territories. 

The use of sandalwood was popularized by the Indian regions, frequently used during religious rituals in Buddhism and Hinduism. The burnt scent of incense soon became a precious prime material in the perfumery world, as the intense base has the capacity to harmonize different compositions. With sandalwood's popularity steadily rising, it is now close to extinction and is protected in India. 

Because of this, our sandalwood is sourced whilst giving back to the environment: for every sandalwood cut, another 50 is planted.

Our alluring blend is a hypnotic and mysterious scent story. The warm, woody, velvety and creamy aspects of the aroma round into a warmth complimented with floral notes, exalting the mysterious, sweet and heady side.


Top notes: Carrot
Heart notes: Creamy, Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam
Base notes: Pacific Sandalwood, Fry Woods, Musk


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

Cart out a complimentary State Of Mind Tea (worth $97.50) of your choice when you purchase $200 and above. Promo Code: TEAMCOSY

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