Giardino Benessere




One of the most ancient roads in the Roman Empire, that from the east coast of Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, leads to Rome, allowing the transport of precious cargo from the famous salt flats of Cervia. Inspired by one of these precious loads of fragrant salt, is born a perfume that will amaze you with its salty freshness, the complexity of its reverberations and the incredible longevity of its scent. The Salt of Cervia has, since ancient times, been known for its highly aphrodisiac properties. Its unique faculties still echo around the globe today, its marine aroma exalted by the great chefs of the world. The creation opens with powerful notes of Sea Breeze that expertly envelop the sweetness of Cassis and Myrtle balanced, in turn, on notes of Seaweed, which give a fresh salty tone to the whole composition. The head reclines on the heart of the perfume where overtones of fern are echoed by Italian Lavender combined with the freshness of Coumarine, emphasized by the famous Cervia Salt, in counterpoint with fresh Calabrian Bergamot. The entire design is based on notes of powerful and precious woods that give a persistence to the incredible fragrance. Craftily mixed with each other, the Cuban Cedar Wood and Birch immediately reverberate, amalgamating with the regal delicacy of Sandalwood in counterpoint with the fresh Oak Moss, in turn enriched by the intriguing power of the Musk. A ferny fragrance with brackish and daring tones, that gives the strength of the sea to the wearer.


Top notes: Sea Breeze, Cassis, Myrtle & Seaweed
Heart notes: Italian Lavender, Coumarine, Bergamot & Cervia Salt
Base notes: Cedar, Oak Musk, Birchwood, Sandalwood & Musk


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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