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Before the elements that constitute the foundations of the Universe, there were the Titans and the Titanides. It was them that commanded the forces of nature. Here from the power of the waters and of the salt sea arose Oceania, known also as Oceanus by the end of the Roman Empire, the ancient divinity that governed the oceans and all the waters. His is the strength of the aquatic freshness of the great blue, the impetus of the tides and the power of the foaming wave on which to surf and glide, to feel reborn in a marine catharsis. Oceania is an artistic creation in the form of an extrait de parfum. It opens decisively with an aquatic and brackish freshness thanks to Sea Breeze with hints of iodized salt, driven by the strength of Bergamot and Bitter Orange. The whole is in turn embraced with precious spicy Cardamom and enriched by the exclusive Terenzi Library molecule known as Oxygen. When sprayed into the air, this innovative and unique molecule triggers an incredible effervescent and refreshing effect. It rests on the heart of creation where we dive into the freshness of the most intense ferny notes, among which the regal lavender stands out, combined with the fruity sweetness of Peach, Red current and the famously aphrodisiac Passion Fruit. The whole is counterpointed with a strong aroma of spices, in which the vigor of Pink Pepper and Nutmeg can be made out. The majestic and powerful base, like the impetuousness of the ocean which inspired it, opens with Agarwood emphasized by forest Moss and secular Oak Musk, softened by the reassuring sweetness of Sandalwood. This creation has the power to regenerate your inner strength and give you new vitality whenever you feel in need of the sparkling sensation of fresh, sweet waters. Oceania is a regenerating and energizing dive into the bluest of blue seas!


Top notes: Sea Breeze, Bergamot, Orange, Cardamom & Oxygen
Heart notes: Lavender, Peach, Redcurrant, Passion Fruit, Pink Pepper & Nutmeg
Base notes: Agarwood, Moss, Sandalwood & Oakmoss


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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