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Mnemosine was the Titanide of memory and the power of remembering! The beauty of the moment to be treasured in our memories, to be conjured up in our hearts through the power of scent. Mnemosine is the mother of the inspiring Muses, and through the power of remembering she brings with her the inspiration for artists and the beauty of art. This art is encapsulated in a metallic bottle with an iridescent fuchsia colour that amazes and fascinates at first glance. The essence takes all this wonder and transforms it into fatal, irresistible seduction. Mnemosine opens with a persuasive, effervescent bouquet, characterised by the sweetness of Brazilian Passion Fruit combined with the citric notes of Sorrento Lemon and Calabrian Bergamot, emphasised by the funambulatory contrast of French Blackcurrant embraced by the narcotic effluvium of Mexican Tuberose and Thai Ylang Ylang. This opulent and joyful head rests on a reckless and restless heart, where silences and sounds come together in a fast-paced rhythm. The notes of the rare Italian Violet are embedded in the disarming sweetness of Venezuelan Frangipani, then urged on by the aromatic reverberations of Greek Thyme and Ceylon Cinnamon, sweetened by the fruity scents brought about by the juicy Romagna Peach enveloped in the aphrodisiac cloak of Albanian Narcissus and Indian Jasminum Sambac. The base of this creation made to seduce and bewitch is built on the penetrating sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla Flowers, strengthened by the noble notes of Tuscan Cypress and Indian Red Patchouli, supported by the aphrodisiac and provocative power generated by the magical Terenzi drop of Musk and Ambergris, contrasted by the balsamic notes of Jamaican Amyris. Mnemosine conjures up the power of remembering the deepest and most irresistible seduction, encapsulated within the gentle and noble power of a timeless beauty that no soul can resist.


Top notes: Brazilian Passion Fruit, Sorrento Lemon, French Blackcurrant, Mexican Tuberose, Thai Ylang Ylang and Reggio Calabrian Bergamot
Heart notes: Italian Violet, Venezuelan Frangipani, Greek Thyme, Romagna Peach, Ceylon Cinnamon, Albanian Narcissus and Indian Jasminum Sambac
Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla Flowers, Tuscan Cypress, Indian Red Patchouli, Jamaican Amyris, Musk and Ambergris


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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