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Mint Basil Body Cream

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Enriched with three exceptional botanical oils and shea butter, this body cream has a texture that's as light as a cloud! Intensely nourishing and relaxing, it's ideal for dry skin. Nourishing botanical oils from Provence and relaxing essential oils come together in a unique synergy to soothe your skin – and your mind. The light-as-air texture has a comforting effect, while essential oils of lavender and star anise relieve the body of tensions.

This fast-absorbing cream leaves your skin soothed, nourished and comforted. Its scent calms the senses, bringing a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Ideal for skin that seeks comfort and relaxation.

Dermatologically tested.

Feel good tip
Fight stress through breathing ?
Nothing easier ! Place a hand on your belly. Inhale slowly and deeply through nose until your feel your belly fully bulge.
Exhale through mouth or nose without pushing with your belly. Repete this exercice at least 10 times.

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