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The Malatesta were a noble Italian family, among the most important and influential of the Middle Ages. They dominated the Lordship of Rimini and various other territories in Romagna from 1295 to 1500. The origins of the dynasty were traced back, by their courtiers, to ancient Roman times and the Scipioni. Most important of this noble line was Malatesta da Verucchio who, thanks to his military and political ability, took the name of Mastin Vecchio (the old bulldog). This name has also been given to the most important tower in Gradara Castle. His eldest son Giovanni Malatesta (known as Gianciotto, Lord of Gradara) became sadly infamous in the tragedy set down by Dante Alighieri in the Fifth Canto of Inferno. Dante recounts the love story between Gianciotto’s older brother, Paolo, and his beautiful wife, Francesca. An eternal love that still echoes down the centuries from the castle walls along the length and breadth of the valley. In the 14th and 15th centuries the Malatesta family conquered numerous cities in Romagna and the Marches, extending the territory of their kingdom as far as the eye could see. Many Malatesta were skilled warlords and exceptional strategists. The most famous of all the Malatesta was without doubt Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, with whom the family reached the apex of their fame and fortune. This creation is inspired by the essence of nobility and strength characteristic of the Malatesta family, one of the most important families in Italian history. The essence opens with a bouquet of Italian citrus fruits, where the Sicilian Orange and Calabrian Mandarin emerge, emphasized by the regal notes of Orris. The Lily of Florence, as it is also known, is the quintessential symbol of the Italian nobility, and these iris roots are as rare as they are precious. This regal head rests imperiously on a carpet of martial intensity that beats as if to the sounds of drums. The freshness of Italian Lavender embraces the mellowness of Jasmine, while the strength of Cedarwood and Tuscan Leather are emphasized by the effervescence of Pink Pepper. The base is a riot of royal strength and elegance, where an alliance of precious woods, such as Cambodian Oudh, Agarwood and Indian Red Patchouli bursts forth emphasized by Vanilla Berries and Musk. An elegant and seductive creation which encapsulates the spirit of royalty in a drop of perfume.


Top notes: Sicilian Orange, Calabrian Mandarin, Lily of Florence, Orris
Heart notes: Italian Lavender, Jasmine, Cedar of Lebanon, Pink Pepper, Tuscan Leather
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla Bean, Cambodian Oudh, Agarwood, Red Patchouli


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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