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Leo is a large zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere, which is easily identifiable in the months between December and June; in the boreal hemisphere, its presence in the east after sunset indicates the imminent arrival of spring, while in the austral hemisphere it becomes a typical constellation for late summer and autumn skies. Its unmistakable form, hurled into the celestial vault, immediately instils us with strength and elegance. This is also confirmed by the astrological charts, which say that the Leo personality is generally endowed with great trust and optimism, integrity, honesty and loyalty; truly gifted with a natural talent for leadership, the Leo is characterised by generosity and a paternal instinct for protection, but also for admonition and command. A perfectionist and an aesthete, he always seeks to improve himself, showing great discipline and a spirit of sacrifice. With great passion and an ardent, fiery temperament, the Leo lives each experience to the utmost, putting his heart and soul into it, believing in the extraordinary and unique nature of each venture. A tendency to exaggerate in every sphere is also an evident characteristic of the Leo's psyche, which is animated by an inflated super-ego that, combined with his natural dramatic qualities, makes him well suited to the limelight. With this fragrance we celebrated the distinctive traits of the Leo, inspired by the personality of Paolo, who was born under this sign of the zodiac and who represents its strengths and weaknesses. The creation opens with an elegant and fascinating bouquet where citrus fruits emerge with exciting splendor, thanks to the resonance of the Brazilian Orange with the Kumquat of South Africa, embraced by Bergamot of Calabria and the Sicilian Mandarin. This effervescent head settles on a bed that becomes deep and sensual thanks to the hypnotic scents of Indian Sambac Jasmine and the precious Bulgarian Rose, softened by the freshness of Violet Leaves and the elegance of Italian Magnolia, driven by the erotic and mysterious call of powerful Ambergris blended with Ethiopian Myrrh. The base has strong and proud foundations, reflecting the character of someone born under the sign of Leo, where the powerful woods of Italian Oak, Lebanese Cedar and Australian Sandalwood are contrasted by the aphrodisiac allure of Musk, sharpened by the unmistakable aromatic appeal of Siamese Benzoin, embraced by the reassuringly gourmand sweetness of Amazonian Tonka Bean. Leo represents timeless elegance, free of the constraints of fashion; that bewitching and irreverent seduction, capable of conquering hearts and souls with its delicate and unabashed natural persuasiveness. On the waves of style that goes beyond the trends, with a touch of healthy, impertinent folly, because as Paolo always likes to say, in our heart of hearts, we are all a little " naughty by nature".


Top notes: Brazilian Orange, South Africa Kumquat, Bergamot of Reggio Calabria & Sicilian Mandarin
Heart notes: Indian Sambac Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Violet Leaves, Italian Magnolia, Ambergris & Myrrh from Ethiopia
Base notes: Italian Oak, Lebanese Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood, Musk, Siamese Benzoin & Amazonian Tonka Bean


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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