Giardino Benessere




From the creative imagination of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi is born this cheerful and carefree creation, dedicated to all those who are young and all those who always will be. The game of seduction and light heartedness in this creation embodies the spirit of freedom and love. Intoxicating and provocative if worn alone, seductive and hypnotic when combined with other essences from the Giardino Benessere collection, with Sandalwood and Myrrh or with Amber, or with Aurelia and Cotton Flower. There are thousands of possible combinations to be unique and unparalleled every day. The head opens with a fresh bouquet and irreverent undertones of green leaves. We sense the sweetness of raspberry and blueberry combined with red currant, and hemp leaf moistened by morning dew. The heart has persuasive and dreamlike notes of hemp leaves and flowers combined with the regenerating freshness of Juniper berries and the hypnotic power of Vetch. This provocative heart is supported by a strong base where the echoes of Cuban Cedar Wood and Tuscan Moss stand out, masterfully combined with Jamaican pepper and the mysterious Erba della notte, Herb of the Night. A dreamlike journey towards carefree joy enclosed in a drop of perfume.


Top notes: Raspberry, Blueberry, Red Currant, Hemp Leaf and Dew
Heart notes: Hemp Leaves, Hemp Flowers, Juniper & Vetch
Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk, Jamaican Pepper and Erba della notte


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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