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The etymology of the term ‘hamartia’ dates back to ancient Greek tragedies. ‘Hamartia’ is derived from the Greek word ‘hamartanein’, meaning ‘to err’. Very often, it is a tragic error which, in various cultures and over the centuries, leads back to the deepest sin, but with a heroic twist, because it stems from failing to achieve a goal, in rebellion against one’s duty or destiny, sometimes for the sake of a greater good or an irrepressible feeling. It embodies the pride of choice in an extreme struggle between morality and happiness; the emblem of guilt borne with dignity and awareness, because sometimes it is worth living out one’s passions without compromise or remorse. This creation embodies this very celestial conflict in its evocative notes, in the thrill of irrepressible passion that echoes in the breast of those who know how to dare beyond good and evil. Hamartia opens with a bouquet that is persuasive and sweet, amiable and generous, where the strength of Italian Black Chocolate marries Peruvian Coffee Beans, counterbalanced by the energy of spices, such as African Cardamom and Indian Coriander, emphasised by bubbly Calabrian Bergamot. The strong, decisive head rests on an equally generous and opulent heart, where the scents of Turkish Caramel mixed with Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar emerge, accentuated by the bold notes of Singapore Patchouli and the persuasiveness of Tibetan Osmanthus and Tuscan Lily of the Valley. The base of the creation has a strong, reverberating foundation, capable of giving incredible persistence to the entire olfactory structure. Here we immediately feel the gentle presence of Brazilian Tonka Beans and the peaty overtones of Haitian Vetiver, united in a perfect alliance, thanks to the muted aromas of Musk, with the precious woods of Cuban Cedar, Indian Agarwood and Romagna Birch. Hamartia is the creation that best embodies the heroic spirit of passion without limits, of a love that is heated and fiery, sensual and seductive, that generates turmoil in the soul and excitement on the skin. Dedicated to those who are bold enough, without regrets or inhibitions, to embark on an epic journey to the destinations of absolute pleasure.


Top notes: Italian Dark Chocolate, Peruvian Coffee Beans, African Cardamom, Indian Coriander and Reggio Calabrian Bergamot
Heart notes: Turkish Caramel, Vanilla Flowers from Madagascar, Patchouli from Singapore, Tibetan Osmanthus, Tuscan Lily of the Valley
Base notes: Brazilian Tonka Bean, Haitian Vetiver, Cuban Cedar, Indian Agarwood, Romagna Birch and Musk


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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