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The titan Iapetus (‘Giapeto’) is the Pillar of the West that holds up the Universe, with supernatural power, and capable of controlling the forces of the world. The same forces of evocative and aphrodisiac power are contained in this perfume extract. Its decisive and sparkling character, combined with its persuasive and bewitching fragrances, bestow on this creation the magic of uniqueness and mystery. Giapeto opens with an exhilarating bouquet of spices, echoing Cumin and Cardamom from Guatemala, embraced by Cistus and precious Saffron. The heart is powerful and generous, thanks to the strength of the trio of noble woods formed by Gurjum Balsam, Cypriol and Virginia Cedar, softened by the hypnotic persuasiveness of Lily of the Valley. The entire creation is underpinned by a seductive and aphrodisiac base, capable of arousing the deepest of passions, thanks to the magical and famous drop from the Terenzi library, composed of Musk and Ambergris which emphasise the sweetness of Vanilla from Madagascar in contrast with the decisive character of Oud & Indonesian Patchouli. Giapeto encapsulates the elegance of royal mystery in a drop of essence with an aphrodisiac effect.


Top notes: Cumin, Cistus, Cardamom from Guatemala & Saffron
Heart notes: Muguet, Gurjum Balsam, Cypriol & Virginia Cedar
Base notes: Musk, Ambergris, Vanilla from Madagascar, Oud & Indonesian Patchouli


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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