Parfums de Marly



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Galloway is the art of olfactory music. The shade and heat of pepper and citrus aromatics create surprise within this discerning perfume. The heart notes are an injection of sweet iris and heady orange blossom. At the base is a warm musk, honey-like amber and deep-wooded sandalwood, highly textured to curate a distinguished eau de parfum. 

Presented in a striking white bottle with a glistening silver stopper, this Parfums de Marly eau de parfum is a divine mixture of notes that bring out an elegant and forceful signature. Curated for the discerning Parfums de Marly gentleman Galloway stands out for its citrus and peppery notes, which are gradually concealed by subtle scents of amber and musk, conferring strength and intrigue.

Best time to wear: For a bright summer of spring day


Top notes: Citrus, Pepper
Heart notes: Iris, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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