Compagnie de Provence

Fragrance Diffuser Refill Green Verbena



A collection of fragrance diffusers and scented candles enriched with essential oils, with relaxing, stimulating and purifying properties.

Economical, resealable and airtight, this refill in a recyclable plastic bottle recharges our 250ml diffusers.


Green Verbena 
Inspired by the fragrant herb that graces the lands of Provence, this resolutely fresh fragrance contrasts the invigorating sensation of lemon with the sparkling notes of an absolutely green verbena.

This fragrance contains essential oils,  especially peppermint, known for its  invigorating and stimulating virtues.


Remove the cap, pour the perfumed solution in the glass bottle and insert the 8 rattan sticks. The sticks absorb the perfumed solution by capillarity and diffuse the scent for several weeks. The intensity of diffusion can be adjusted depending on the number of sticks inserted into the bottle. After few days and to optimize the diffusion, turn over the sticks in the bottle. Carefully read warnings before use.

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