Compagnie de Provence

Fragrance Diffuser Mint Basil



This fragrance diffuser offers a unique olfactory experience. The highly concentrated fragrance, created in the French town of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, combines calming star anise and lavender essential oils for moments of relaxation and well-being. Notes of rose and lavender mingle with the comforting scent of vanilla to create an atmosphere that helps you to unwind and relax.


This uplifting cocktail of essential oils of peppermint, basil and clary sage from Provence will get your day off to an energising start.


Place the diffuser in a room that makes the perfect place to recenter yourself. Awaken your senses as you breathe in the energising aromas that fill the air. Play your favourite music and engage in something that stimulates your creativity. Let your happiness shine and be contagious

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