Tiziana Terenzi

Eclix Extrait de Parfum


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At the end of a warm, sun-kissed summer, in the month of September (6 September 1978), Paolo and Tiziana encountered the Black Moon for the very first time. A particular eclipse, which takes place once every 32 months in the celestial cosmos. That unforgettable emotion was the spark that created Eclix, the fragrance of the Black Moon and of reassuring love.


Just like that warm embrace, the creation, enclosed in a inscrutable black bottle with a jewel-shaped cap, opens up and envelopes its wearer with the sweetness of precious Tahiti vanilla, interwoven with contrasting notes provided by almond and hints of citrus from Sorrento lemons and Calabrian mandarin oranges. Notes of Iris enrich its bouquet of top notes with the regal mellowness of the well-known flower of kings, to then lie out on petals of violet, white lily and the rural elegance of the petitgrain.


This strong embrace, as warm as a large cashmere scarf, but at the same time as cool as a spring breeze for the touch of goodness in its middle notes, forms the base of its entire structure and gathers its energy and strength from the different types of wood that compose its base notes. Fine, rare woods, as rare as the phenomenon of the Black Moon, and as rare and precious as the fortune of encountering an embrace that fills you with love. And so the precious hints of sandal wood become notable, as does the enduring strength of cedar wood mixed with the extremely rare roots of Iris, emphasized by rare Musk & Amber, macerated for over 30 years, forming part of the private collection of the Terenzi Family.



Top notes: Vanilla Tahitensis, Almond, Iris, Tangerine, Lemon
Heart notes: Lemon, Violet, White Lily, Petitgrain
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Iris root, Musk & Amber


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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