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Eau de parfum 101: rose, sweet pea and white cedar

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Cruelty-free Rose Eau de parfum.

Rose and musk, a subtle mix of floral and powder scents for a sensual yet tender result, like cashmere on the skin.

A rose perfume made of Damask rose absolute and essence with fresh and floral notes. The Damask rose is a fresh and noble rose, sometimes referred to as the queen of roses, that was chosen to create this rose perfume.

Perfumer Alexandra Monet adds a green and spicy touch with cardamom as a top note, and crafts the heart with sweet pea and muguet harmony to light up the floral scent. The base note of the rose perfume contains musk and white cedar for a sweet and powdery feeling. And at the end, the patchouli brings some character to this rose perfume.


Bon Parfumeur perfumes are designed to be associated together according to your own desires. You can become your own perfumer by mixing fragrances together. It’s called layering fragrances.

To obtain a fresh smell we recommend layering the floral perfume 102 for its green tea and citrusy notes and the aquatic perfume 801 for a seaside sensation with its pomelo notes.


Top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Lavender
Heart notes: Damask rose, Lily of the valley, White cedar, Sweat pea
Base notes: Amber, Crystal, Patchouli, Musk


Spritz on pulse points like wrists, neck, behind ears, and inner elbows to make your fragrance last longer.

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