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The Titan Coeus (in Italian Ceo) was considered very important in Greek tradition, because he was born from the union of Uranus (the sky) and Gaia (the earth). He represents rational intellect. Coeus was the Pillar of the North and owing to his enormous willpower, he was considered almost invincible. Rational, highly intelligent and animated by great determination, he was able to achieve all the goals he set himself, thanks to the use of astounding strategies, just like this fragrance enclosed in a luxurious lime-green metallised bottle that emphasises the force of reason. The power of our thinking brain is the force that allows man to achieve everything he is able to think and dream of, so this force is now enclosed in a drop of perfume inspired by the Titan of Reason. Ceo opens with a bubbly, citrusy bouquet, where reverberations of Brazilian Orange join echoes of Reggio Calabrian Bergamot and Caribbean Lime, embraced by the persuasiveness of Bulgarian Rose, Italian Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon, further enhanced by the scents of Sicilian Grapefruit, Jerusalem Galbanum and Bulgarian Lavender. This effervescent, elegant head settles on a soft, seductive heart, thanks to the scents of exquisite Egyptian Geranium, refreshing Italian Mint and provocative Indian Jasminum Sambac, elegantly combined with Tuscan Leather and Chinese Ginger, enriched with French Blackcurrant and Singapore Patchouli. The heart rests on a strong, aphrodisiac base, capable of guaranteeing a deep persistence to the creation thanks to the reverberations of Ambergris and Greek Artemisia, embraced by the unique persuasiveness of Bourbon Vanilla from Réunion and emphasised by the funambulatory combination of Italian Oakmoss and Opoponax from Sudan. Ceo encapsulates the strength of timeless elegance in a drop of pure rational madness.


Top notes: Brazilian Orange, Reggio Calabrian Bergamot, Caribbean Lime, Bulgarian Rose, Italian Honey, Ceylon Cinnamon, Sicilian Grapefruit, Jerusalem Galbanum and Bulgarian Lavender
Heart notes: Egyptian Geranium, Italian Mint, Indian Jasminum Sambac, Tuscan Leather, Chinese Ginger, French Blackcurrant and Singapore Patchouli
Base notes: Ambergris, Greek Artemisia, Bourbon Vanilla, Musk, Italian Oakmoss and Sudanese Opoponax


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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