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Perris Monte Carlo

Cacao Aztèque

Perris Monte Carlo
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A rich essence blended with spices creating an airy intoxicating scent that will heighten your senses

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The Aztecs of Central America were among the first to encounter the cocoa bean, learn of its unique properties and introduce it to the world.  Native to Central America, the cacao is found on a perennial tree and the fruit is elongated in shape. When ripe, it becomes a reddish colour, and can contain one to forty cocoa beans.  The bitter extract of cocoa beans is traditionally blended with crushed chili pepper and cardamom to make "Xoco latl."  The result is a perfect elixir for the palate, considered to be the “food of the gods,” and supposedly gave the gods the strength of power and knowledge.  It is for this reason that Montezuma, the last of Aztec’s kings, drank more than fifty cups of it a day.

Cacao Aztèque is a blend that surely leaving one desiring for more. The Cocoa Absolute, a precious and rare essence, creates a dense, rich liqueur and penetrating aroma that is undeniably addicting. The exotic scent will stimulate your senses and bring forth sweet and spicy scent memories.


Top notes: Black Pepper, Pink pepper, Cardamom
Heart notes: Rhum Absolute, Orchid, Pittosporum, Tuberose Absolute
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cacao Absolute, Musk


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.