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According to Greek mythology, Arges was the son of Uranus and Gaea. Indeed, the story tells us that the god of the sky and the goddess of the earth united in an embrace of cosmic love, capable of merging the two elements, air and earth, giving birth to Arges. This creation represents the cosmic union of heaven and earth as portrayed in mythology, where all the luxuriant beauty of nature found in the Garden of Eden on earth is depicted, enveloped in crystal-clear skies of a violet-blue colour the world has never seen. The solid strength of the earth embraced by the bubbling freshness of the air becomes one in this divine and seductive creation. Arges opens with a bouquet of sweet, succulent fruits, just like the lush ones that grew in the Garden of Eden, where we immediately recognise the echo of the Romagna Peach, embraced by the extremely rare Raspberry from the high Dolomite peaks and the seductive Passion Fruit from Brazil. This powerfully hypnotic head rests on a seductive bed of white aphrodisiac flowers, where we strongly feel the heightened reverberation of Magnolia, Tuberose and Lily of the Valley, united in a vertiginous embrace with the seductive Bulgarian Rose and the aphrodisiac Heliotrope. The entire creation is supported by a base of strong, powerful woods where predominantly Australian Sandalwood and Atlas Cedar emerge, enveloped by the mysterious contrast provided by Singapore Patchouli, blended in turn with Madagascar Vanilla Flowers, then embraced in a vortex of passion created by the elegant scent of Italian Leather, elevated to the level of enthralling seduction when finally the scents of Ambergris, emphasised and driven by the rare Musk, transform the creation into an irresistible weapon of seduction and aphrodisiacal force. Arges encompasses the forces of earth and air, mastered with the craftsmanship that has far-reaching roots in the history of the Terenzi Family, giving the creation and the wearer a charm of crystalline elegance, a luminous reflection of the clearest and most violet skies, just like the bottle that encapsulates this precious fragrance extract.


Top notes: Romagna Peach, Dolomite Raspberry & Brazilian Passion Fruit
Heart notes: Magnolia, Tuberosa, Lily of the Valley, Bulgarian Rose & Heliotrope
Base notes: Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli from Singapore, Cedar from Atlas, Vanilla Flower from Madagascar, Ambergris, Italian Leather & Musk


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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