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This creation was created as a result of the emotional inspiration gained during a long trip to Italy, in search of the scent of salt and its infinite facets. The Bel Paese is surrounded by the sea, rich in precious salt, and this element has always aided the development of civilisations. Salt has many facets and is not only obtained from seawater evaporation, but is also extracted from the famous salt pans, which Sicily has in abundance. Akragas was the ancient name for what is now Agrigento, a very famous city in southern Sicily, known for its enchanting natural beauty and the beautiful Valley of the Temples, a priceless heritage site that has been admired since the days of Magna Graecia and has been impeccably preserved to this day. The Greek poet Pindar called Agrakas the 'most beautiful city in the world' and this breathtaking beauty is the inspiration for this creation. In its lengthy history, Agrigento has been influenced by various peoples, from the Magna Graecia to the Carthaginians, from the Arabs to the Normans, bringing together all the cultural facets able to coexist in peace and harmony, offering a beauty that teaches us all. Akragas seeks to portray the beauty of this crossroads of cultures and wonders through the salt of its most famous quarry, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and enchanting landscapes. The creation opens with a pungent bouquet that immediately evokes the Mediterranean maquis, where we perceive Sicilian Myrtle and Mediterranean Seaweed, intensely embraced by the citrus fruits typical of the island, dominated by Royal Grapefruit and the unmistakable persuasiveness of Neroli. This top note rests on a heart note as strong as the Sicilian land, robust and generous, where Agrigento Salt is the dominant and reverberating note, emphasised by Atlas Cedar, strongly scented by Red Thyme and Bulgarian Geranium. The entire creation is founded on a powerful and aromatic base, capable of echoing the breezes of the Sicilian sea, thanks to Benzoin driven by Musk, in counterpoint to Singapore Patchouli and Madagascar Vanilla Berries. The spirit of the wonder of the Agrigento region, in a drop of salty, fascinating perfume.


Musk, Benzoin, Patchouli from Singapore & Madagascar Vanilla Berries


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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