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Dating back to Hellenic culture, in order to be fully understood in its infinite wholeness, the feeling of love has had several definitions, each capable of capturing the drive towards a precise emotion. We all know the word love as defined by Eros, indicating carnal love, as opposed to Philia, referring to friendship and brotherly love. Another fundamental element of love is Agape: a feeling that is more complex and elusive, ethereal and intangible, but by no means less strong and decisive. Since ancient times, a feeling of transcendent love has been described as one that can manifest itself in an activity close to our hearts; a disinterested love, far removed from any selfishness which, however, is clearly distinguished from mere affection. The purity of celestial love is encapsulated in this divine creation. Agape opens with a bubbly head, in an innovative balance between citrus and chocolate, featuring a reverberation of Sicilian Orange and Calabrian Bergamot, contrasted by the sweetness of Italian Chocolate. The head is enveloped in a tight embrace emanating from the heart of the creation, where precious natural molecules are skilfully blended into a celestial chorus as unexpected as it is innovative. Here, the Tonca Bean from Brazil and Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar sing out majestically, sweetened further by Caramelised Cuban Cane Sugar, emphasised by the original touch of Pennsylvanian Black Locust and Indian Red Patchouli. The base of this divine nectar is founded on columns of very strong, regal woods, where exquisite Indian Sandalwood emerges amalgamated with the very rare Tuscan Secular Oak Moss, heightened by the decisive thrust of Lebanese Cedar and Frankincense, blended with the evocative power of Ambergris. Agape is the work that celebrates a love that is pure and selfless. A heavenly feeling transported to earth in a drop of perfume made by the Terenzi brothers for those who know how to love without ever asking for anything in return, in the pleasure of giving even before receiving. A creation dedicated to all those chosen souls in harmony with the universe.


Top notes: Sicilian Orange, Sorrento Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot and Italian Chocolate
Heart notes: Brazilian Tonka Bean, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, Caramelised Cuban Cane Sugar, Pennsylvanian Black Locust and Indian Red Patchouli
Base notes: Indian Sandalwood, Tuscan Secular Oak Moss, Lebanese Cedar, African Frankincense and Ambergris


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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