Perris Monte Carlo

Arancia di Sicilia



Our journey of discovering the most exceptional fragrant jewels of Italy continues with the most iconic citrus from Sicily: the Orange Sanguinella.

Cultivated on the slopes of Mount Etna, the Sanguinella Orange grown here stands out due to its intense red colour and complex, aromatic sweetness. The pure essence of this sweet orange is brought to life by Capua, a family run company, who since 1880 has been acknowledged as the ultimate producer of citrus essential oils.   

After a complex and skillful process two very different essential oils are extracted and once again blended together in our new Perris Monte Carlo Arancia Di Sicilia masterpiece, a tribute to the fruit symbol of Sicily, a fragrance which fuses the energy and naturalness of citrus with an enveloping sweetness.

The scent’s heart is enhanced with almond, vanilla and cinnamon, followed by base notes revealing soft musk and amber then finally the intense aroma of the absolute of coffee. Arancia Di Sicilia celebrates the flavours and scents of Sicily, creating the warm atmosphere of Sicilian mornings, the flavour of invigorating orange juice and the sweetness of pure candy.


Top notes: Arancia Sanguinella Brown Extraction Arancia Sanguinella Sfuma Torchio Extraction 
Heart notes: Almond Accord, Cinnamon
Base notes: Labdanum Absolute, Caffe Absolute, Iris Musk, Amber


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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