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REPLICA From The Garden



From the Garden is an uplifting unisex perfume that evokes the joyful feeling of a sunny afternoon spent in the garden. The grounding sensation of placing one’s hands in the earth; the pleasure of picking ripe, juicy tomatoes; the buzz of bees in the air.

The fragrance’s Tomato Leaf accord combines with Green Mandarin notes to create a crisp, juicy effect. While green and uplifting, From the Garden’s notes of Patchouli and Geranium bring a humid, earthy quality. Contrasted with the fragrance’s freshness, the result is an elegant, crisp scent, conjuring the memory of a sunny afternoon spent in a garden.

When creating this fragrance, perfumer Olivier Cresp was inspired by his memories of spending time in his childhood garden with his father, of taking in the plants’ scent, and years later doing the same with his own son, Sebastien. From the Garden’s green and earthy notes remind Cresp of this transporting moment and being immersed in the tranquility of a sun-drenched garden.

Bottle description:
This earthy and fresh citrus scent comes in three sizes. If this is your everyday scent, get the 100ml bottle but if you like to switch it up the 30ml bottle has got you covered. Don’t forget to pick up our 10ml travel-size perfume for scent touch-ups on the go.

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