Liquides Imaginaires Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Scent

Dom Rosa is a perfectly aged rose champagne, romantic, intoxicating, and a scent that will make even the hardest of hearts fall in love. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, this Millésimé is a worthwhile romance.

Here's a brief breakdown on the definition.

DOM – has a meaning of denoting rank and/or status/an allusion to Dom Perignon,
a prestigious cuvee, elite batch, which are the top positions of the manufacturer.

ROSA – flower of rose, the shade of Rosé champagne.

MILLESIME (fr. a great vintage) - in the wine industry, vintage wine refers to a particular year and place from which the quality of wine was superb. Rose bushes are grown in vineyard at the end of each vine row for a reason. It may look like it is a beautiful addition, but actually, they alert the winemaker about the presence of diseases or pests that often attack the vines.

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