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Oriental Exploration

Oriental Exploration

“Oriental” is a term used in the perfumery world to describe a family of fragrances with ingredients like spices, resins, or herbs associated with perfume making in “the Orient”, which was a historical term for the Eastern World.  Spices like cinnamon, vanilla, tonka bean, gum resins like frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, oud and sandalwood have been used since the very early days of perfume’s history.


Oriental fragrances linger sensually on the skin.  Its composition tends to be heavy on the base notes, which means that they also tend to last longer.  Compared to floral or fruity fragrances, Orientals feel more “grown up,” sensual and exotic.


Here’s a selection of our top oriental scents that we know you’ll love:


  • SANTAL DU PACIFIQUE, by Perris Monte Carlo – A hypnotic blend of precious, velvety sandalwood rounding into a floral facet that gives it a hint of mystery.
  • ANI, by Nishane a fragrance that juxtaposes bright freshness, fiery spice, rugged woods, and rich warmth- a true voyage through the ages.
  • OUD ABRAMAD, by BDK An alluring force of oud, saffron, and rose on a sensual amber base.
  • SECRETS OF LOVE GLAMOUR, by M. Micallef A surprising duality of fruity and spicy notes, deep and powdered elements.
  • HABDAN, by Parfums de Marly A perfume with character. Habdan perfectly balances saffron and incense notes, softened by warm amber.