Mesmerize this Eid Mubarak with Aromatic Scents

Let this Eid Mubarak be an opportunity to indulge in the finer aspects of culture and traditions, through the facade of fragrances. The right scents can not only complement your festive attire, but also evoke emotions, making the celebration even more memorable. Here are some of our fragrance recommendations for you in welcoming the festivities.  

Adux by V Canto 

Adux is a citrus woody fragrance for women and men. Adux bursts onto the scene with sweet orange, ripe grapefruit, and a tart pineapple note, enriched by the fresh scent of cut grass for a compelling opening. The scent deepens with earthy patchouli and moss, transitioning into a complex heart. It settles into a subtly smoky, woodsy, and leathery base with musk and a hint of fresh, green birch.

Available at Amaris Paragon, Jewel Changi, VivoCity and online store.

Apex Eau De Parfum by ROJA


Apex is a leather fragrance suitable for men. It opens up with a unique blend of subtle bergamot and citrus, creating a fresh, unsweet sensation enveloped in a cocoon of pineapple and amber warmth. As it evolves, the fragrance takes on a sensual character with indistinguishable amber-infused green notes, evoking a profound sense of security and balance, heightened by a hint of incense. Ultimately, Apex transcends individual notes, cloaking you in an aura of soft leather and warm amber that blends with your own unique presence, crafting a distinct and personal scent.

Available at Amaris Paragon, Jewel Changi, VivoCity and online store.

Halwa Kiss by OJAR

Delight in the amber spicy scent of Halwa Kiss, featuring notes of saffron, dates, roses, and dried fruits. Inspired by Oman's rich traditions, this fragrance takes you on a journey through Oman's picturesque landscapes, captured through its carefully chosen ingredients.  

Available at Amaris Paragon and online store. 

Sugar Leather by Une Nuit Nomade

Sugar Leather is like a piece of leather covered in white sand and caramelized by the sun. A decadent, racy, spicy fragrance. With notes of caramel, cinnamon, leather, and amyris, this scent is equally sweet and spicy, suitable for both women and men. 

Available at Amaris Paragon, Jewel Changi, VivoCity and online store.

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