Know The Brand: Les Eaux Primordiales

A term borrowed from Jules Verne in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," Les Eaux Primordiales (Primordial Waters) are the first signs of life on Earth. Envisioned as a homecoming, combining expertise, innovation and authenticity, Arnaud Poulain naturally turned to his homelands, near Arras, Northern France, to establish La Manufacture of perfumes.

From the design of the fragrance with Amélie Bourgeois through to bottling, the whole process is hosted at La Manufacture. The inspiration for and design of Les Eaux Promordiales are shaped by the industrial heritage of Northern France and science and art in all their forms. In particular, the work of the couple of German photographers, Bernd and Hilla Becher. The values embodied by Arnaud Poulain and all his sources of inspiration make Les Eaux Primordiales a brand of the future, while steeped in history, where fragrances take us into a world of authenticity, inventiveness and transcendence.

The first series imagined by Arnaud Poulain, the SUPERCLASSIQUE collection embodies a certain vision of perfume, marked by excellence and innovation. Cutting edge technologies are put to the service of a prestigious perfumery with classic codes. 

Couleur Primaire: Reminiscent of clean linen drying in the breeze. First comes the distinctive smell of laundry, which gives way to the reassuring childhood notes of pear sorbet. The wearer is immersed into an addictive, refreshing bath. This bouquet of jasmine and aldehydic musks is the perfect antidote to Sunday night blues.

Mécanique Intuitive: This aphrodisiac elixir invites us to roam around the rooms of a luxury Parisian hotel. Aromas of leather, rum and tobacco set this voluptuous scene. Osmanthus, Madagascar vanilla and tonka bean add finesse and opulence to this incandescent perfume. 

The SUPERCRITIQUE collection honours the most emblematic flowers in high perfumery thanks to an ultra-modern distilling process. From the classics such as the rose and orange blossom to the most enigmatic, the crocus and champak, this collection pays tribute to the timeless beauty of these floral queens.  

Rose: The first fragrance launched in the Supercritique collection, rose, the ultimate majestic flower, is here reinvented in an oriental palace. Notes of spiced tea, incense and vanilla instil this rose with the splendour of a voluptuous and sensual Queen of Sheba.

Tubereuse: This Mexican flower possesses the most powerful scent in the plant world. Like a white queen, it entices you into its temple where jasmine and ylang ylang dance with sandalwood and patchouli in the most spectacular choreography. Opulence and audacity underpin its extraordinary trail.

Magnolia: Inspired by the naive paintings of Henri Rousseau’s Pacific beauties, this primordial flower evokes the beauty of lush jungle. Ylang-ylang, vanilla and osmanthus reveal all the delicacy of this flamboyant nectar. We dip into this fragrance as we would bathe in the turquoise waters of a tropical island.

Mimosa: This scent elicits scenes from a Mediterranean wedding in late winter. The last snow settles on mimosa blossom like a dusting of icing sugar. Bergamot and neroli announce the arrival of the beautiful and innocent bride dressed in white. The pure and elegant notes of cyclamen and orange blossom set the tone. Scents of jasmine and tuberose escape from this sunny and delicate bouquet. Spring is here at last. 

The SUPERFLUIDE collection highlights the most beautiful elements of high perfumery. Between spices, resins and precious woods, each perfume pays tribute to these primordial materials. 

Rosewood: If there were to be one single scent worn on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival it would be this. The epitome of elegance and glamour, this modern rose is enhanced by pink peppercorns and patchouli. A frankincense bottom note lays down a mysterious charm and makes this fragrance the ideal gown for the most perfect evening.

Musk: This icing sugar version of white musk is the remedy for winter cold and summer heatwaves. We sense a white jasmine tea and a lychee sorbet that make us want to head into winter yet never leave summer. A timeless and sophisticated delight, this captivating superfluide seduces everyone who tries it.

Amber: Evocation of a long winter’s day by the fire. Imagine the smell of freshly-baked, cinnamon-infused apple pie and gingerbread. Oriental spices and honey notes give character and softness to this comforting moment. The tobacco and rum accord adds a syrupy and intense touch to this mesmerising elixir. As cosy as a velvet armchair, this fragrance is worn when we want time to stand still.

Oud: The resin extracted from Oud wood is one of the most noble and sought-after materials in perfumery. Offset by the freshness of orange tree and the roundness of precious guaiac wood, cedar and sandalwood, this resin from Laos exudes its fragrance. Spicy notes of benzoin, sesame and black vanilla bring the promise of a memorable trail.

Saffron: Derived from the beautiful crocus flower, saffron is the red gold of the Middle East. The top notes of this precious spice are aromatic thyme and sage. Right on cue comes sensuous and round raspberry, the curtain-raiser to precious guaiac and cedar woods. The scent of suede gives the finishing touch to a fragrance that is the true embodiment of art.

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