The Latest Temptation From Akro

At Akro, we don’t have a lot of restraint. The temptations of everyday life are at the heart of what we do, and continue to inspire new scents and ideas.

One of the aromas of modern life we find most alluring is that of bakeries and cake shops, the scent of fresh pastry and sticky sugar brightening up the most humdrum of days.

One of our favourite bakeries in all of London is Carnaby Street’s Crumbs & Dollies, and inspired by their famous lemon cupcakes, we created a new perfume: BAKE. BAKE is a fascinating scent; made up of tart lemon notes, followed by sweet vanilla and rich, nutty praline. It’s so good, that you might not even need that naughty cupcake or extra patisserie after all.

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