Discover London's Secret Bounty

As we welcome in the sunshine and see our cities coming back to life, looking around us we are filled with the vibrancy of Spring’s bounty and see nature creeping back through the cracks in the concrete.

Look to the verges and roadsides and you'll find one plant cropping up in abundance - Cow Parsley. Fresh, and vibrant, this seemingly mundane species is the inspiration for our third Forage Collection fragrance, Dance amongst the Lace. 

Working with urban foragers who understand the scents, tastes and secret treasures that nature in the city provides, Dance is an exploration of cow parsley. A crisp and invigorating due of minty notes blended with zesty lime and a lush base of vetiver and moss - this fragrance evokes the vivid greenery of London's secret bounty.

With footsteps light as orange tipped butterflies. Sparkling out of the green – a thousand white blooms is Queen Anne’s lace.

Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, wanted to capture not only the beautiful green, aromatic quality of the leaves but also the uplifting feeling of a delicate mass of flowers in the summer sunshine.

Discover Miller Harris Dance at Amaris Paragon, VivoCity and online.

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