7 Questions With Olivier Cresp

Recently we launched a poll on our Instagram Stories and asked our fragrance community to submit their questions for master perfumer, Olivier Cresp. Olivier is a genuine icon of French perfumery, raised in Grasse (the cradle of French perfumery) — and we are extremely pleased to share with 7 answered by the legend himself.  

What was your earliest fragrance memory? — @desiree.liew

The smell of sugar, and cookies being freshly baked in the kitchen by my mother.

What is your signature as a perfumer? — @calvinth

My style is figurative and minimalist.

Are there any favourite scents from the collection? — @fadwifey

Our 7th Fragrance that we are releasing in 2022 is something special. I love AWAKE as coffee is my vice!

What prompted you to create “Night”, and what was the inspiration behind the scent? — @lynda_sukaimisudarjo

I wanted to create something around the rose because it is a love symbol, but very clean which shifts very suddenly to something sensual and sexy.

“Haze” is such an addictive instant crush scent. There are no cannabis notes in the ingredients, but why do I smell it? — @iseantay

I recreated the smell of cannabis with special quality ingredients such as Wormwood, clary sage, Mint spicata and Eucalyptus budd.

Are there any plans to expand the collection to include other vices? — @atkhai

AKROs 7th fragrance is very special and meant a lot to my daughter Anais. We have plans and lots of ideas for future vices that I am always working on.

If you could illustrate [Answer 6], what would it look like? — @wandergirlkb

The 7th fragrance is worn by many people around the world, possibly 25% of the population has one or maybe more.

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