3 Facts About Parfums de Marly Latest's Creation

Composed with the French perfumer Quentin Bisch, this sensual, cloud-like, and very contemporary fragrance captures femininity in all its glory. Sensuality in its most essential expression. Enclosed in an immaculate bottle, Valaya recalls, upon contact with the skin, le secret, a secret petticoat ladies wore during the 18th century under their various garment. Or the modernity of a white shirt worn directly against the skin, that enhances without denaturing.

"Valaya evokes the sensation of cotton on the skin. It’s a cocoon-like perfume that’s at once sensual and elegant. A white perfume brimming with contrast, that’s delicate yet incredibly compelling."
- Julien Sprecher

What does the name "Valaya" Mean? 

As all the names of Parfums de Marly creations, Valaya was chosen by Julien Sprecher and is more about an evocation than a literal signification. It was inspired by a delicate femininity. It can evoke lightness, freshness and a very modern elegance. It is mysterious and can be endowed with a special personal meaning by the one who wears or gifts it. 

Why the Colour White? 

Julien Sprecher chose the colour white for the powerful images it brings to mind. It captures the cotton-like scent of Valaya, its cloudy softness, musky notes and timeless elegance. 

Where does the alcohol in the perfumes come from?

The alcohol in Valaya, as in each Parfums de Marly perfume, was carefully selected to be coherent with the Maison's commitments in terms of sustainability. It is upcycled from beets produced in France according to environmentally responsible protocols. This beet alcohol is a substitute for ethanol, very often used in perfume. It adds value to French sugar beet and helps develop this industry, working with local eco-engaged partners.

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