5 Questions With Arnaud Poulain, Founder of Les Eaux Primordiales

What inspired you to create Les Eaux Primordiales?

I have a long-standing passion for Science and technique as I am a trained engineer and electro-mechanic. I am also from the North of France which has a long industrial tradition that is today almost gone. I am fascinated by the human core values of the factory workers and coal miners of that time. The idea of Les Eaux Primordiales was to express technology at the service of beautiful perfumery.

What is your signature as a perfumer?

There are certain ingredients that I particularly like such as Aldehydes, Saffron, or Vanilla but more than simple ingredients, I see them as the cog and the wheels of a beautiful mechanic. I always create with a certain vision in mind and it's never about overdosing, it's always about a careful balance between the components to sublimate matter.

What is the fragrance you wish you’d created?

I have a lot of appreciation for Chanel No. 5 because when it was released it was totally groundbreaking. But the perfume I wish I'd created is the next one at Les Eaux Primordiales.

How do you know if you've got 'the one'?

When I create, I have a clearly defined final version in my head, and the work I conduct is only pursuing this final version in my mind. I don't create by "shooting in the dark" and hoping for the best outcome.

Which is your favourite scent from the collection?

Your question is very difficult because it's like choosing between your children. The fragrance I have a special relationship with is Couleur Primaire because that's when the adventure started. It's a beautiful mood booster conceived to beat the Sunday night blues. On the other hand, I love also rich and dense sillage such as the one provided by Ambre Superfluide. It is comforting like cuddling on a velvet sofa near a log fire. Delicious like enjoying a ginger tea paired with a hot-from-the-oven apple and cinnamon pie. Maybe this will intrigue Singaporean readers as it is probably an exotic setting...

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