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L'Ame Slave Tea

State Of Mind
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Dynamic with a balance of green notes

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Puerh Tea originates from Yunnan province in China, dating back to the 4th century. It has dynamic terroir and taste flavor profiles, a complex aging process, and has attributes similar to fine wine. Puerh Tea has two subcategories, raw puerh and cooked. L'Ame Slave tea composition is built on the freshness of Lemon and Bergamot and on the intriguing balance of green notes of raw Puerh, Bleuets with Seringa and Honey and Ginger.


Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Seringa
Heart notes: Ginger, Honey, Vanilla
Base notes: Puerth Tea, Siberina Cedar, Birch, Santal


For the best tea experience, steep 6g of tea in 500ml of water with a temperature of 95°C. Infusion time is 4-5 minutes.