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CITRUS ESTER opens with a delightfully fresh pop of grapefruit rind that recalls the tart zip of opening a can of grapefruit soda. Can you hear the fizz? 

"If I remember correctly, it was on the first day of the world. One of those days that seems to stretch out forever, and you are not quite sure there is going to be a second. The moment quivers with energy. An energy ghost, bright (methyl grapefruit) and caring, tinged with a slight taste of primordial fruit (firascone, rhubafurane). Life, the beginnings of life".

ÆTHER is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. 



Top notes:

HERBAC: Powerful, woody, herbal, cedar leaf, Camphor, earthy, eucalyptus, wet, minty

METHYL GRAPEFRUIT: Bitter, sour top note, fresh, grapefruit note blending with citrus base.

RHUBAFURANE: Intense tangy rhubarb character, with a green eucalyptus heart very suitable in fruity and citrus accords

Heart notes: 

VETIVERYL ACETATE: Velvety-smooth character of the best vetiver, but without the harshness or smoky-notes.

MUSC T: Sweet, floral, amber, animal.

FIRASCONE: Rosy-fruity, Damascone, saffron note

Base notes:

STEMONE: Galbanum, fig leaf, green, weedy.

ISO E SUPER ™: Dry, woody and cedar-like, with aspects of ambergris, vetiver and patchouli.


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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