ÆXTRA is an ethereal love potion enhancing the smell of sweaty, lusty bodies. It distills a high concentrated dose of Bagdanol, which smells like freshly cut sandalwood. This is blended with Evernyl, adding animalistic and oakmoss notes. Complemented with ethereal and fresh facets of ethyl and ethyl linalyl acetates, this results in a unique perfume, complementary to our own odors, stimulating desire.


Top notes:

BACDANOL: Typical sandal note, warm and woody like Sandalwood oil, gives the impression of freshly cut Sandalwood.
Heart notes: 

ETHYL ACETATE: Ethyl acetate is the ester of ethanol and acetic acid; Sweet smell (similar to pear drops) and nail polish

ETHYL LINALYL ACETATE: Ethyl Linalyl Acetate is softer, more floral, more bergamot, and less lavender than Linalyl Acetate.

Base notes:

EVERNYL: Evernyl is a synthetic with mossy, oakmoss, woody, phenolic, and earthy.


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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